What I do

  • Cross-cultural training and coaching
  • Conflict – coaching
  • Resolving blocks
  • Overcoming exam stress and anxiety
  • cross-cultural training

    One thing (and only one) is common to all our training courses: they are oriented on the company’s culture – and its team’s culture in particular. Put another way: each employee contributes their own culture. Yet ‘cross-cultural’ does not just refer to cultural diversity or the challenges presented by a group of people having different national origins. We can still all come from the same country and live in different ‘cultures’. My mission is to inspire national and international teams to achieve greater productivity by using their existing resources to the utmost while sounding out any potential risks.


    When communication has broken down between two people or is constantly being strained by misunderstandings and the dynamism of an entire system is now threatened by this negativity – it’s time to turn to conflict management. A word, gesture or sometimes even the mere presence of a member of staff causes a chain reaction, and rational communication between equals is no longer possible. I help you to go ‘backstage’ emotionally, to resolve hidden conflicts and to put communications back onto a sound footing of mutual respect and positive purpose.

    resolving blocks

    Know exactly what you want but still face blocks or even feel anxiety about achieving a specific goal? I help you to understand the underlying reasons that guide your behaviour and work with you to resolve your blocks, leaving you free to achieve your goals.

    Overcoming exam stress and anxiety

    Do you prepare yourself perfectly for an exam and then your mind goes blank? Does your pulse start racing before you’ve even made it to the doctor’s? Can’t ever see yourself enjoying the view from a rooftop terrace on the 20th floor? I work with a method that can find the reasons for these fears – in order to master them.