My Methods

  • COLOUREM® method
  • Wingwave Coaching
  • NLP
  • Profile Dynamics Analyse
  • EOS – Potential analysis
  • colurem method

    The colouRem® method is a coaching tool that helps us to recognise and promote interaction between our four central brain systems, and so to understand and improve the handling of our different emotional states. In my coaching sessions, I apply this concept to define personal goals (compatible to my trainees), and take a step-by-step approach to filtering out blocks, defining solutions and integrating skills. This method guarantees long-term effects not only in relation to the goal itself but also in handling the changes in emotional states experienced in life in general.

    Wingwave Coaching

    The wingwave method reduces stress quickly and effectively, while boosting creativity, mental resilience and conflict handling abilities. These goals are achieved with an intervention that is deceptively simple: stress levels are lowered by utilising ‘awake’ REM (rapid eye movement) phases that we humans only normally experience while dreaming and which are also used to process our day-to-day experiences while we are asleep. We need both halves of our brain to process negative experiences. Rapid eye movement is used to activate both halves, enabling us to resolve blocks and dispel negative emotions. To ‘localise’ the origin of a specific stress, we apply the myostatic reflex test. With this test, we can discover which past event or pattern of behaviour is the reason for an undesirable behavioural trait in the present.


    (neuro-linguistic programming)

    NLP is a communication model that involves a number of intervention patterns. In my communication with clients, I establish the values, basic beliefs and patterns of behaviour that inspire and inform their personality. Knowing my client’s personal ‘world’ is not only necessary in order to define them as an individual but is also a crucial part of both using and empowering the resources my client has at their disposal to achieve their goals. One of the key tenets of NLP is that each and every one of us has the capabilities and resources that are needed in order to achieve a self-determined goal.